As any bride- or wedding- to- be knows, a wedding is full of stunning and specific lehenga customs that respect the couple’s traditions, belief, and relatives. But did you know that some of those traditions have deeper interpretations? From the queen’s veils to the grooms ‘ rings, some Italian meeting symbols have a deep record behind them.

One of the most famous Latin- American bridal traditions is veiling, where the wife wears a light veil to depict her cleanliness and innocence for her new hubby. The veils are usually adorned with rosemary and myrtle, two crops that have intoxicating qualities that can promote fertility and good luck for the newlyweds.

Another typical meeting symbol is the ring transfer, which is also a sign of faith and devotion in a marriage. The bride and groom customarily swap bands that have been blessed by a pastor or priest. The bride’s necklace usually contains her kids’ and her parents’ texts, while the vicar’s band usually includes the titles of his brothers and sisters as well as his children.

Similarly, Latin- American couples often include religious elements in their ceremonies, such as a mass or religious blessing. The Catholicism religion plays a big part in many Latin American cultures, and incorporating these elements into the wedding is a way to honor that heritage.

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